Unik Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.
Unik Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Stationary Battery, Semi Traction Battery, Manufacturer, Pune, India

Tubular Traction Battery
Quality assurance is one of our tools of ensuring customer satisfaction. It is possible to achive a quality product by systematic working. The ISO certification and regular periodic third party audits of our systems ensure that we follow world class methods in our procurement, manufacturing, process, overall inspectionm timely maintenance of machines and dispatch.
Environment protection is our coooective responsiblity and commitment to future generations. Our dedication in this regard is evident in our organization's philosophy and work culture.
Given alongside are some of the certificatins we have received for following standard procedures in our manufacturing processes.
We thought it only fair to share this with our esteemed clients and make them aware of the standards we have set for ourselves..

At UNIK Batteries, we understand that Quality is not the responsibility of a single department. Continual improvement is a way of life. This practice is evident through our commitment to design, manufacture, inspection, packing, dispatch and after sales service.

Our commitment to quality begins before the order is taken or before a new design is started. Our employees have been trained to understand the importance of cross-functional teams, where several points of view come together, thus developing a stronger idea.We even try bringing our suppliers and customers into this process to make sure every point of view is recognized.

Consistent product quality is ensured by subjecting each product to rigorous testing during the production process as well as use of superior quality components.

We are also an ISO 9001-2008 accredited company.

We are Manufacturer and our setup is situated at Bhosari, Pune, ( Maharashtra, India )